Top E-Liquid Flavors & Brands


Halo is one of the highest rated companies for e-juices. These vape liquids are said to be tested more than any other liquid, making them one of the safer choices. There are many different flavors available, bound to meet the need of any taste bud. One of the cons about the Halo is that overuse can make the flavors seem tasteless. It’s recommended to purchase the Tribeca flavor and keep it on hand. Now, there is some argument that the Halo e-liquids are more expensive than the others. However, considering price and quality, it’s fairly equal. They are a high-quality product and there isn’t a high price tag associated. The best pro to the Halo vape juices is by far the amount of flavors available. There are also discounts for bulk orders, so that’s always a nice thank you to the customer. The Halo e-liquid also has a high throat hit, meaning the nicotine content will be satisfying to your cravings.

Image Best Aspects Flavors Pricing
Best Menthol from Halo SubZero $19.99 for 30ml
Best Ultra-Smooth Tobacco from Halo Tribecca $19.99 for 30ml
Best Peppermint from Halo Kringle’s Curse $19.99 for 30ml



Vista Vapors is another company that will let you mix your own flavors. They also have a wide selection of e-liquids available for purchasing. They have a wide selection of the standard flavors, as well as a wide selection of dessert. Each bottle is made with premium grade ingredients and the taste is reflected in every puff. They even have a bacon tasting juice that promises to be a completely unique experience for every vaper. The price for a 17 ml bottle is only $4.99. This is ideal if you’re looking to test a variety of different tastes. Instead of shelling out $10 a bottle, which is the standard for most other companies, you’re looking to spend half the money. This means you can buy twice the flavors. They offer nicotine-free e-liquids. Then, the nicotine content goes from 1.5mg to 18 mg, at the highest. So, they don’t have a high nicotine content, if that’s what you’re looking for. However, that is one of the only negatives to be said about Vista Vapors. You can also choose to have the flavor boosted, if you’re so inclined. It’s definitely worth trying these juices, especially at their low-costs.

Image Best Aspects Flavors Pricing
Best Sweat from Vista Vapors Butterscotch $7.49 for 32ml
Best Smoothie from Vista Vapors Crazy Berry $7.49 for 32ml
Best Tobacco from Vista Vapors American Tobacco $7.49 for 32ml


Cosmic Fog e-juices are popular in the vaping universe. Most commonly, they are used for creating clouds or sub-ohm vaping. Although Cosmic Fog has a limited selection of flavors, users say the flavors are really something else. A bold assortment that stand out among other e-juice brands. The most common flavor being the Milk & Honey, which has earned a reputation in the vaping universe as both sweet and delicious. Some of the other flavors available are The Shocker (which is a combination of lemonade and strawberries) and Kryptonite (which makes use of a green melon flavoring). Now the Cosmic Fog e-juices are an acquired taste to some, but most users in the community are thrilled by the out-of-the-box thinking that has led to such original flavors. The flavors aren’t as long-lasting as some other competition, but the boldness makes them worth trying.

Image Best Aspects Flavors Pricing
Best Sweet Flavor from Cosmic Fog Milk & Honey $17.99 for 30 ml
Best Tropical Fruit Flavor from Cosmic Fog Kryptonite $17.99 for 30 ml
Best Drink Flavor from Cosmic Fog The Shocker $17.99 for 30 ml



Cuttwood vape juices are made of high quality ingredients and brewed in Los Angeles. This company may have had a rocky start, but they’ve surpassed any criticism, becoming one of the best e-liquid companies. They have a range in bottle sizes, which means a range in price. You can buy a smaller bottle to give the brand the chance to impress you. They offer 16.5 ml bottles for the cost of $12 to get you started. You’ll definitely want to pick up a bottle of one of their classic flavors and try it for yourself. There are flavor boosting qualities to these e-liquids, providing you with a lasting taste. Unfortunately, they don’t last very long in clearomizers, since they don’t wick very well. This is one of the biggest complaints regarding these Cuttwood juices, though one of the only as well. If you’re interested in sweet and delicious flavors, the Cuttwood Boss Reserve should be your first purchase, with aromas that will entice your senses and a flavor that will ignite your taste buds.

Image Best Aspects Flavors Pricing
Best Milk Flavor from Cuttwood Unicorn Milk $19.99 for 30ml
Best Tropical Fruit Flavor from Cuttwood Mega Melons 19.99$ for 30ml
Best Cereal Flavor from Cuttwood Boss Reserve $23.99 for 30ml


Vaporfi Liquid Bottles

Vaporfi has the corner on the market right now. They are one the biggest and best selling companies. They offer such a wide selection of flavors that it would hard to try and list them all. They’ve got all the classics, they’ve got more specialty flavors. But the best thing is, you can make your own flavor by selecting combinations of the other tastes! In total, there are 30, 000 different combinations for the flavor selection. You can tell that’s quite the selection! Now, these bottles start at 0 mg for the nicotine content. They continue at every interval up to 36 mg. They have one of the biggest ranges of any other company. The quality is never compromised and each e-liquid has a delicious and distinct taste. The variety between flavors and mg levels is enough to make your whole experience ideal. As for the size of the bottles, they are 30 ml bottles. These bottles are only $15.99, so it’s far to say they are a good deal cheaper than the other companies. Now, although there are many flavors, these flavors are subjective. It all depends on the person using the e-liquid.

Image Best Aspects Flavors Pricing
Best Dessert Flavor from Vaporfi Blueberry Cheesecake $15.99 for 30ml
Best Fruit Flavor from Vaporfi Rainbow Custard $17.99 for 30ml
Best Vanilla Flavor from Vaporfi Very Vanilla $15.99 for 30ml


There are many people who are hesitant to try the Vape Wild e-juices. This is because they are low-priced and it makes people nervous. It’s only $6.99 for a 30ml bottle, after all. If you’re an avid member of the vaping universe, you’re overly aware of how inexpensive that is. So, many people are asking: is the flavor as cheap as the price tag associated with it? Absolutely not! Vape Wild e-juices are just as flavor filled as their more expensive competitors. They offer a great tasting product at an affordable price. The only reason they offer such a low price is customer satisfaction. They compromise price, but not quality. Overall, it makes them an innovative company that you can trust with your business. Now, Vape Wild has over 150 different flavors available to choose from. With such an extensive flavor catalog, you can only begin to imagine the endless possibilities. At such a low price, you can afford to try a variety of them, too! They offer the standard flavors, like nicotine and menthol. They also offer dessert flavors, rich with sweetness and utterly delicious. Berries, beverages and even candies! If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you need to look no further because Vape Wild e-juices are perfect for you.

Image Best Aspects Flavors Pricing
Best Dessert Flavor from Vape Wild Smurf Cake $6.99 for 30 ml
Best Popsicle Flavor from Vape Wild Murica $6.99 for 30 ml
Best Mystery Flavor from Vape Wild Hooch $6.99 for 30 ml


Black Note juices are made with high quality ingredients with a flavor that is never compromised. They have an elite selection of premium tasting e-juices that are sure to impress even the most veteran users. However, they include a hefty price tag for their quality goods. These bottles are sold at $29 for a 30ml bottle, making them about double the price of the average vape liquid supplier. There are only 8 flavors to select from, including the menthol and standard tobacco. But the reason to pay so much for a bottle is the quality. These flavors are processed for 6-8 weeks before becoming the delicious e-juice you’ll be enjoying. You can count on the taste of these e-liquids making you forget the price you paid for them. Also, they offer custom writing on the bottles, for free! This is a unique touch that will make your collection of e-liquids the envy of all your friends. Try everything once, even at a higher cost. You might find your new favorite brand!

Image Best Aspects Flavors Pricing
Best Virginia Tobacco from Black Note Prelude $24.99 for 30ml
Best Minty Tobacco from Black Note Solo 24.99$ for 30ml
Best Sweet Tobacco from Black Note Sonata 24.99$ for 30ml


montley brew

The first thing that has to be said about Motley Brew is the creativity of the creators. With catchy flavor names like “Brew’s Brothers” and “Froot Fighters” these e-liquids are an instant classic with rock and roll lovers everywhere. These bottles are sold at $21.99 for a 30ml bottle, which makes them slightly above the average price. But, with high quality often comes a higher price tag and that’s reflected in this particular e-liquid. The flavors, along with original names, have original flavors. Their “Old Fashioned” e-juices has a taste of whiskey. A familiar taste for most rock and roll lovers. This unique taste carries over to all of their other vaping extracts, each with unique and distinct tastes. Motley Brew knows what they are doing when it comes to advertising and premium taste quality. You have to expect a company so clever has the taste to match. If you’re looking for something a little different than average, Motley Brew is where you’re going to find it.

Image Best Aspects Flavors Pricing
Best Drinks&Cocktails Flavor from Montley Brew Old Fashioned $14.99 for 30ml
Best Tropical Fruit Flavor from Montley Brew Froot Fighter $14.99 for 30ml
Best Dessert Flavor from Montley Brew Grateful Red $14.99 for 30ml


Virgin Vapor is best known for providing high-quality e-juices at an average cost for consumers. This makes them highly rated among the vaping universe, but it’s surely not the only reason. Virgin Vapor e-juices are made out of entirely organic ingredients, meaning that you can be health-conscious about your vaping habits. If that’s not enough to sell you already, these e-juices also offer the highest VG content possible! That’s right! A blend of 100% VG. That means the e-juices from Virgin Vapors will provide an excellent r sub-ohm vaping experience. When it comes to the intensity of their flavors, that’s where Virgin Vapor truly shines the brightest. They offer a wide variety for their consumer base, providing a taste that is suitable for even the most refined palettes! Since they use natural ingredients, the flavors really stand out. They are long lasting, so you’re getting your monies worth when it comes to the flavor. The flavors are also accurate to any descriptions you might have read. You don’t have to be health-conscious to want the fantastic tasting e-liquid that Virgin Vapors will provide!

Image Best Aspects Flavors Pricing
Best Organic Chocolate Flavor from Virgin Vapor Death by Chocolate $22.00 for 30 ml
Best Organic Berry Flavor from Virgin Vapor Razzmatazz $22.00 for 30 ml
Best Organic Coconut Flavor from Virgin Vapor Coconut Conniption $22.00 for 30 ml


Mt. Baker Vapors provide such a variety when it comes to their line of e-juices. As a brand, they are known for being less expensive than most of their competitors. This is a major benefit when it comes to purchasing your liquids, because it allows you to get more for your money.There is such a wide variety of flavors when it comes to their e-juices. You might find yourself wanting to try every single one of them. The flavor options range from sweet and delicious to bold and even to bitter. They offer berries, desserts, menthol and many other flavor options. This includes the standard flavors, such as nicotine. No matter what your taste buds say, there is bound to be something for everyone to love. That’s almost a guarantee.But Mt. Baker Vapor e-juices don’t just offer a variety in flavor. They offer a variety in customization options for each of your e-liquids. They have nicotine ranges from 0-24mg, providing many steps in between. They also offer the option of choosing your ideal VG/PG blend, which helps you to get what you’re looking for. Of course, many of their flavors come with a predetermined VG/PG balance, but you’re bound to find a combination you’re satisfied with. Just make sure you’re checking the product descriptions!

Image Best Aspects Flavors Pricing
Best Drink Flavor from Mt. Baker Vapor Maui Sunrise $7.99 for 30 ml
Best Dessert Flavor from Mt. Baker Vapor Cinnamon Roll $7.99 for 30 ml
Best Sweet Flavor from Mt. Baker Vapor Moo Juice $7.99 for 30 ml