Vape Wild Review

Vape Wild is one of the most well-known brands of the industry. They’ve been called the best in the business, but that much has been brought into question. They do offer a great price and a great product. While they don’t offer the best tasting e-liquids on the market, they certainly maintain great flavor quality. If you haven’t tried Vape Wild e-liquids, you should definitely give them a try.

Vape Wild e-liquids are fairly inexpensive, especially compared to their competitors. The bottles are only $6.99 for 30ml. This makes them half the price of the “premium” companies. If you’re interested in sampling the flavors and don’t want to commit to 30ml, then you can purchase a 10ml bottle. These are only $2.99, making them an amazing deal. You can buy a wide variety of flavors to try, all for a low price that sends competitors packing.

Vape Wild also offers a wide range of nicotine options, from 0mg to 24mg. This gives you the ultimate control on your nicotine intake. Gradually decreasing your nicotine intake is a great way to slowly quit smoking. Then, you can get down to 0 milligrams of nicotine. Of course, you can keep smoking your e-cigarettes long after you choose to quit nicotine. The flavors are delicious and long lasting and it keeps your hands just as busy as smoking would have.

There are 150 flavors to choose from at Vape Wild, giving you a broad selection to choose from. These flavors include the average of tobacco and menthol, while almost including fruits and desserts. They even have breakfast flavors, beverage flavors and candy flavors. Whether you’re into sweet, or something a little more exotic, there’s going to be something from their collection that fits your taste buds. Of course, not every company is flawless. There are minor complaints that some of the flavors fail to live up to their image. Though, the same isn’t said for all flavors. So, before you check out your new collection, make sure to read up on specific flavors. You may find that some are sweeter or more bitter than you’re expecting. Reviews are a great way to determine what selection is best for you. Of course, the fail-proof was is to try them all yourself. At $7 a bottle, it’s worth trying every flavor to find what suits your unique palette.

Vape Wild also offers free shipping on all orders over $30, which gives you more money-saving opportunities.